Reine & LaRue's Melbourne Victoria

Unveiling Melbourne's Culinary Jewel and Architectural Splendour

Unveiling Melbourne's Culinary Jewel: Reine & LaRue's Architectural Splendour

Location: Melbourne City, Victoria

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Hidden in history

Have you ever gazed at the cathedral-like lead-light windows at 380 Collins Street and imagined elite-only events with mandatory capes and masks? Prepare to be pleasantly surprised.

Behind these captivating windows lies the prestigious address of Melbourne's newest culinary gem—Reine restaurant, accompanied by its chic sidekick, LaRue, a small yet elegant wine bar.

Reine restaurant features Williams refrigerated cabinets throughout the kitchen and front of house.

The Venue's Architectural Marvel

Stepping into Reine & LaRue is like entering a realm where architectural splendour meets gastronomic excellence. The venue draws much of its jaw-dropping inspiration from neo-gothic architecture, creating an ambiance that transcends the ordinary.

Sweeping arches, vaulted ceilings, and organic stone decoratives, such as rosettes and leaves, coexist seamlessly with granite columns, limestone, and marble walls. Stained-glass windows dating back to the 1920s add a kaleidoscope of colours, while glass floor tiles on the central floor allow light to cascade between levels, creating a truly unique dining atmosphere.

The Culinary Experience

Nomad co-founder Rebecca Yazbek envisioned Reine six years ago, drawing inspiration from grand restaurants of New York's golden era. Executive Chef Jacqui Challinor and Head Chef Brendan Katich, alongside their expert teams, bring this vision to life.

The dining experience at Reine is not just about exquisite cuisine; it's about the drama and flair added by the neo-gothic architecture. With a long 10-meter bar, a cocktail bar, a raw oyster bar, and a wood-fired range in the kitchen, Reine offers the best of French gastronomy in a setting that captivates all the senses.

Seamless Refrigeration Solutions with Williams

Ensuring a seamless fusion of functionality and elegance, Williams collaborated closely with Bendex to integrate the appropriate refrigeration solutions. The result is a kitchen designed to enhance workflow efficiency, with flexible options strategically positioned to meet the client's evolving needs.

Commercial Refrigeration in this Project

OPALS of various size and design including both remote and self-contained units. Doors and drawer combinations customised to suit operational requirements.

CAMEO Back Bars with solid black doors—for added sophistication and drama—line the ten meter bar span.

VARI-TEMP chef drawers provide easier access to ingredients within the kitchen.

PEARL UPRIGHT fridges and freezers help to store the large quantities of stock required for a large and busy venue such as Reine.

The Design Team

Universal Foodservice Designs (UFD) orchestrated the design, adding an air of mystery and sophistication. Joe Mancuso from Bendex Stainless Steel Fabricators handled the equipment installation, ensuring that every stainless component contributed to the overall aesthetic and functionality of the venue.

Giving Thanks

Reine & LaRue isn't just a dining destination; it's a journey through time and architectural brilliance.

Reach out to us today to see how Williams can help make your project a success.

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