Williams gets greener with hydrocarbon refrigeration

Williams Refrigeration's genuine commitment to stronger environmental solutions has seen the release of a number of hydrocarbon models

Why hydrocarbon?

Hydrocarbon is the new word in refrigeration with several positives for both end users and the environment. It's essentially a win-win for all involved.

Hydrocarbon system benefits:

• Reduce energy consumption.

• Reduced energy requirements mean lower running costs.

• Heat and noise outputs from the condenser are less, making the working surrounds both quieter and more comfortable.

• Hydrocarbons are naturally occurring gasses with minimal impact on the global environment.

Europe and the UK are already in the process of adopting new standards which has seen the successful roll-out of this new line of refrigeration options. While a relatively new player in the market, the continual tightening of Government environmental regulations will see hydrocarbon models increasing in popularity.

[Click here to download our Hydrocarbon brochure.]

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Hydrocarbon Brochure