The Westin Perth Project

The Westin Perth Project

Williams Refrigeration recently had the opportunity to work closely with Hospitality Total Services in Western Australia, on The Westin Perth project.

As an established upmarket hotel brand, The Westin’s brief had strict requirements for high-end, quality finishes and long-term energy efficiency. The design aesthetic was minimalist and clever by keeping any distracting elements concealed.

Correct choice of materials and appliances is imperative in achieving not only a minimalist aesthetic, but also in creating a more pleasant working space. Not to forget the global requirement for outstanding performance when it comes to long-term energy efficiency.

The hotel covers a number of venues across the complex including: the main production kitchen; a club bar; the Haven bar; Hibernian Hall; and Garum—celebrity chef Guy Grossi’s Italian Restaurant. The project to fit-out these sites was intensive with cabinets required across each area, along with many cabinet customisations.

Our latest case study details the design decisions made to ensure perfect placement of refrigerated units, as well as the considerations acted on to achieve high levels of energy efficiency in tandem with low levels of heat and noise output.


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