The variable temperature Chef's Drawer

The latest addition to our Chef’s Drawer range is a variable temperature model that can be switched from a refrigerator to a freezer.


The latest addition to our Chef’s Drawer range is a variable temperature model that can be switched from a refrigerator to a freezer. It features an entirely new body, which ventilates through the front and can be squeeze into the tightest of spaces.

The concept behind the Chef’s Drawer is to bring the robust, practical refrigerated storage right to the cook line. An individual refrigerated drawer, it is made of stainless steel throughout and can cope with ambient temperatures as high as 43°C, making it ideal for busy commercial kitchens.

Our new Chef’s Drawer, model VWCD1, is just 670mm deep, thanks to its refrigeration system being mounted to the side, as opposed to the rear. It can fit beside or under a standard 700mm work surface, leaving 30mm at the back to make it easy to plug into a 10 amp power supply. Like the established models in the range, the VWCD1 accepts 2/1GN pans, up to an impressive 150mm in depth, compared to just 100mm for some competitor models.

The ability to install the new Chef’s Drawer into tight corners will be a major benefit in smaller kitchens, or any site looking to save space. The robust construction means that two drawers can be stacked – doubling the footprint capacity. Crucially, the height of two stacked VWCD1 units is just 838mm, including castors, so they can fit under a 900mm high worktop.

The VWCD1 is designed to be easy to live with, the practical features include removable drawers and fittings for cleaning, a cassette-type refrigeration system for ease of servicing and maintenance, and swivel and brake castors, which make it both easily movable for positioning and cleaning, and rock steady when locked in position. The castors come in a choice of sizes, and there’s also the option of adjustable legs, so the height of the Chef’s Drawer can be specified to match the site’s needs.

The new VWCD1 offers a greener refrigeration solution as it uses natural R290 refrigerant and an eco-friendly high performance, high-density polyurethane insulation. It also has a capacity of 105 litres.

“The latest Chef’s Drawer is a really versatile piece of refrigeration which ticks the boxes for making the most of available kitchen space, for sustainability, and for multi-functionality. The ability to switch from fridge to freezer will be a big plus for many sites – it will help cope with seasonal menu changes, the need for extra chilled or frozen storage for events, and so on.

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