Williams awarded ISO 14001 accreditation

Williams Refrigeration Australia Pty Ltd are delighted to announce that it has achieved ISO 14001 accreditation

Williams Refrigeration Australia Pty Ltd are delighted to announce that it has achieved ISO 14001 accreditation for the design, manufacture, sales and service of commercial refrigeration products.

Not only does this show commitment to its continued manufacturing in Australia, this prestigious award also shows Williams commitment to reducing its environmental footprint and decreasing the pollution and waste produced, as well as its on-going commitment to providing high quality, innovative and energy efficient performance driven products.


Williams has held the ISO 9001 certificate in Quality Management Systems since 1996 and the certifying body for this and the ISO 14001 accreditation has been SGS, with registration on JAS-ANZ.  It is believed that Williams are the first large scale commercial refrigeration manufacturer in Australia to be certified to ISO 14001.


The award has been achieved in a remarkably short period.  This is in main due to many of the measures required to meet environmental legislation, and to work within a framework concern for the environment, already being in place.


Working in partnership with customers, Williams are continually incorporating energy saving features into the design of its products and have specifically targeted the use of alternative refrigerants to meet market demands, as well as a reduction in the use of its packaging.


Within its areas of operation, Williams environmental management systems are continually looking to reduce manfacturing energy usage (electricity and gas) and control its waste products to bring a reduction of waste to landfill, year on year.


Everyday operations are continually monitored internally by specially trained staff, not only to meet legislative requirements but to encompass future changes.


Williams have always been a leader in environmental awareness.  Having helped develop the first CFC free insulation, it was the first catering refrigeration manufacturer to use it in production models.  Williams continue to hold such issues in the highest regard and offer MEPS accredited models, a range of hydrocarbon units, as well as its unique Glycol refrigeration system.


The Williams Group of companies is very much a lead player on the environmental stage, with all of the its global manufacturing plants now holding ISO 14001 accreditation.


To learn more about Williams extensive product range visit www.williamsref.com.au or to find out more about how Williams greenlogic initiative will help you select energy efficient equipment visit www.greenlogic.info