35 Years of Australian Manufacturing

Williams Refrigeration is proudly celebrating 35 years of Australian manufacturing

Williams Refrigeration is proudly celebrating 35 years of Australian manufacturing.

Even during this ongoing time of global disruption, we're managing our processes to continue to serve our clients. We believe in the importance of having local options not just for better service and higher quality, but in support of our Australian workers.

To those unfamiliar, our history began in 1986 with manufacturing at Redgum Drive, Dandenong, Victoria.

The selection at the time was comprised of one and two door merchandisers as well as modular coolrooms. The then belief that standard size cabinets in a kitchen would never take off prompted management to prove the industry wrong.

With the move in 1992 to Apoinga St Dandenong, William's focus shifted to the foodservice sector and the business started to evolve with a broader product offering encouraged by the market.

The late 90’s saw the William's consolidate itself as the preferred choice amongst major consultants, with the culmination of Williams being fitted into large projects such as the Sydney Casino. By the time the Olympics arrived, consistent growth illustrated the need for a larger factory and in 2002 Williams moved to its present location at Gaine Rd.

Since those times, the Williams team has met many of the challenges faced by being a local manufacturer. Despite this, our core values have never wavered—to manufacture a locally built, quality product using the best technology; and to support it right through its lifetime.

We’re humbled by the support our clients have shown us over the years and for them, we continue our commitment to the creation of high-end, refrigerated cabinets, built specifically for our unique Aussie environments.